About SOD

Get to know the Salem Area Sustainable Opportunity Development Center - also known as the SOD Center. SOD has been a part of economic development in the Salem, Ohio area for several years and looks forward to helping create a bright future for the entire region of Columbiana County.

SOD's Mission

The mission of the Sustainable Opportunity Development Center is to develop and promote a rich sustainable entrepreneurial environment for the Salem, Ohio Area that supports business and job growth through new startups, existing business retention / expansion and attracts outside enterprises looking for a new home.

Our Community Vision

The Sustainable Opportunity Development Center leads the way in micropolitan economics and community development by creating a collaborative environment that reaches outside political boundaries to include local and regional leadership with local input to build a collaborative effort. SOD continually plans for the future by leveraging Local, State and National resources to prepare the community for the next opportunity while remaining focused on supporting a high quality of life for those that choose to call the Salem, Ohio Area home.

Our SOD Investors

Our SOD Contributors